Two killed as floods sweep through switzerland

Two killed as floods sweep through switzerland

Police said the search and rescue operation took four hours

A man is being treated for severe head injuries following two fatalities in northern Swiss Alps

Swiss authorities have confirmed that a man has died and a woman has been injured following fierce torrential rain on Wednesday, while rescue workers struggled to rescue hundreds more stranded people.

The man was killed in the early hours of Wednesday after being swept out of his home in the Güngerbäck area, which is adjacent to the mountain pass.

The woman was also swept out by the storm and rescued by rescue vehicles but succumbed to her injuries later in the evening.

Switzerland suffers from the highest number of flood victims per capita in the world, according to the Swiss Disaster Management Agency, adding that floods can cost between €4,000 and €12,000 per victim, with many people dying due to poor infrastructure.

Swiss weather experts warned that the storm wa우리카지노s expected to bring up to 10cm of rainfall in places.

‘The rain could bring as much as 6cm to 8cm on some parts of the landscape because the area is relatively shallow,’ Jörg Hütz said.

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The woman (pictured at the top of the mountain) was rescued during a search operation (pictured) by rescue workers in the early hours of Wednesday, but died from her injuries later in the evening. Her name has not been released

Firefighters stand guard in the Güngerbäck Pass area after a storm hit on Wednesday afternoon (left), while rescue workers struggle to clear bodies from the mountain area (right)

Police said they had arrested a suspect following the storm and that the investigation would focus on the suspected cause.

Police are keeping a low profile in the aftermath of Wednesday’s torrential downpour, focusing instead on recovering the bodies and identifying anyone missing.

‘There are still many people left and we are looking for them. We have to get a grip on things in the바카라 Güngerbäck, the mountain area,’ a police spokesperson said.

The storm left the small Alpine community of Röttsbück devastated, with water surging above the banks of the Amt Zuiko pass. More than 250 people were left homeless 더킹카지노in the village, and at least one person died.

Hundreds were trapped in their homes in the mountainside area of Rünsdorf as the floods hit the area.