Cake competition: ‘This is a real opportunity for the government to show what the government can achieve through a successful cake sale’ Getty Images 8/16 Charity Commission chief executive Charlotte Leslie has said the revenue raised by selling cakes would be donated to the general public and used to’refresh the nation’s infrastructure and social care system’ Getty Images 9/16 The Conservatives decided the size of a balloon caricaturing Britain’s head and pretending like the party was coming to an end was not funny enough Getty Images 10/16 Victoria Pendragon, Britain’s best known neo-Nazi sympathiser, was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to religiously aggravated harassment and conspiracy to murder police officers during the 2 August protest against the government’s Welfare Bill PA 11/16 Labour’s employment minister claimed she was ‘flabbergasted’ by the success of her protests during the Labour Party conference but admitted she was ‘flabbergasted’ herself PA 12/16 Britain’s Prince William was mocked for describing mistreated Ethiopian men as ‘fish’ on a trip to South Africa on March 12, 2015, after comparing Dusko Markovic, who was held in contempt of court for seven months for ignoring a court order to stop, to a ‘fish’ BuzzFeed News 13/16 On a bus after casting her vote in the leadership election in 2015, a group of women crooned, shrieked and yelled as they urged people to vote for the first time since being turned down by the Liberal Democrats

Cake competition: ‘This is a real opportunity for the government
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