Security scare prompts airport closure of U.S. Dulles International Airport

The federal government is pulling the plug on an expansion of Terminal 5 of Dulles International Airport after being informed that the presence of an undocumented immigrant has sparked widespread concerns on airport premises.

The Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general received “a number of confidential reports about criminal activity within the airport” related to an undocumented immigrant, officials said카지노 사이트.

That incident is in the latest stage in what is known as the “diversity initiative.”

The airport said that an investigation showed it was “committed to reducing the risks associated with the presence of multiple people,” including immigrants who are legal or in the country legally. “We are working to ideapronxntify those individuals as a way to reduce the number of such issues while continuing to improve the security we offer our guests and employees,” said airport spokesman Chris O’Shea.

“We will continue working to improve our overall visitor experience, the security of our employees, the work environment and ensure safe travel for all,” O’Shea added.

Dulles officials had begun to implement measures earlier this year to curtail the growing presence of a group of mostly unaccompanied minors at the airport.

Dulles officials said Tuesday it would take time for them to learn what actions are available against the group of six or seven people who have been allowed to stay for up to three weeks.

“Our goal is to resolve this situation as quickly as possible,” said airport spokesman Scott Cox.

TSA said the travelers being picked up will now be turned away from Dulles and to some others locations that have no more space for them and are available for a short stay.

Officials did not say how many people would be denied boarding but said it will likely be far less than 400 people.

The group of unaccompanied minors, wh바카라o were from Colombia, was removed from Dulles’ main terminal at around 9:45 a.m. local time on Tuesday.

One of them is a 13-year-old boy and the other two are women, authorities said.

Dulles authorities and a representative of the advocacy group United We Dream, also known as a coalition of immigrants’ groups, said they have seen the same story repeated over and over, the AP reported.

One of the group of unaccompanied minors was at Dulles last week from San Diego. The other was in the United States from Honduras after a couple of months in the U.S. illegally.

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