The forgotten valley of San Gabriel Valley was once home to one of the fastest-growing sectors in the San Gabriel Valley. In the late 1800s, a mining company called the California Mining Corporation took over the mine and turned it into what is now called the San Gabriel River Valley. It was originally na이천출장마사지med for two of its founders, Robert LaFortune and James Lee Elkington.

LaFortune and Elkington’s efforts to become miners also helped pioneer an industry that has grown to become a $10.6 billion industry today.

A few decades later, the name of the valley, along with its historic character, would be forgotten.

After a landslide destroyed much of the surrounding forest in the 1930s, much of the remaining hillside was bulldozed to make way for the mine.

The Valley Mine was one of many mining operations that began with Elkington’s and LaFortune’s help.

By 1980, LaFortune and Elkington 성남출장안마were dead. The last coal miners at the mine were hired to work to dismantle the old buildings.

In the late 1960s, California Department of Mines & Geology archaeologist 1 인샵and volunteer archaeologist Donna Lunsford was excavating the area and noticed a cave that hadn’t been explored by anyone else in decades.

The cave, which had no entrances or exits, may be about 1.8 miles long and was under pressure to support its weight. When the pressure dropped, the cave collapsed.

The limestone within was very different from the limestone in the mine area because the former mine had closed in 1974. The rock and clay within the cave, Lunsford said, was rich in minerals that had dried out in the heat and had not yet been crushed.

“It wasn’t as cold as it was in the mine, but when you freeze it, it would be like the bottom of a sink full of water,” she said. “You know, that’s when things get weird.”

It was Lunsford who stumbled upon the hidden passage from the mine into the cave.

“We walked into this large shaft where there was no entrance, and in the next moment, there was this large chamber with this very small opening,” she said. “We were on the edge of our seats. There were no people. We looked in and it was as if the Earth was not even there. And then, suddenly, what we saw was the rock and clay and limestone under the pressure.

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