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By Tom Schat창원출장마사지z

4 December 2008

The latest chapter in the saga of Michael Flynn and his failed quest for the presidency begins Tuesday when he is scheduled to take the oath of office with the newly sworn in US president Donald Trump.

The coup de grace is also the final chapter in the controversy surrounding Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s former national security adviser and the man who made national headlines on Tuesday when his ouster by his predecessor was finally called off as President Barack Obama sought to quash it.

On Wednesday morning at the Department of Defense, Flynn, then head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, is slated to formally take the oath. On Thursday he is scheduled to go on a tour of Europe and Asia where he will present his plans to boost US troop levels.

The first part of what he is to present is a detailed presentation, and it includes a lengthy quote from the former KGB chief Alexander Dugin, whose controversial writings are the subject of intense controversy in the West.

However, the key passage in Dugin’s article, published just before World War I and called ‘The End of History’, is a revelation that could have far-reaching ramifications.

The passage reads: ‘In the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the end of Nazism충주출장마사지 in Europe and the Soviet Union, the world can expect a very strange transformation: The new order will be a state of civil war. The only possibility is for two, perhaps three or four rival states to emerge.’

According to Flynn’s source, there is no “crisis situation in Europe and there is no major country that needs to change to cope with the transformation.”

The report adds: ‘With the exception of the United States and Israel, only the United Kingdom and Germany are in a position to withstand the change. Their populations are far more homogeneous than the one of the past, and so their economies and politics are stable.

‘This would give them a chance to adapt to new conditions as it were, while protecting their long-term interests and increasing their military strength and power in all places around the world. It has the potential to create a much stronger and more unified Europe over the next several decades that can defend itself at home, but it also allows for countries like Russia and China to grow strong with a great deal more territorial control.’

In the past, some critics have described Dugin’s ideas as the same as 타이 마사지those of the radical Islamist preacher al-