Interview benji marshall: A few months back you were part of a group that was working with David Icke and members of the UFO phenomenon. Who were the members of your group?

Barry Wilkins: It was a very small group of friends all around the world, that had been going around with us, saying something to the effect that UFOs could be the culprits for the death of billions of people…

We don’t really know what was true of it at the time, but we thought it was probably the cause of so many suicides in the 80s and 90s in the U.S. And the thought of having to explain a situation that we didn’t understand really interested us. We’re not going to talk about it right now, because it has been taken out of context, but we were part of the group.

A few months later, you joined my organization and joined us to try to explain what had happened. And so we actually decided that the thing was probably something else, but we had found the cause of the suicide in the UFO phenomenon.

Benji: And what was that?

Barry: We found the cause of it with the help of what we call the ‘black box’ recordings, where they show an area on a UFO that goes up and down, and this is all done using sound waves that are 바카라사이트coming in from all over the globe, that were emitted by the UFO itself. As we talked with these people, and we learned more, we figured that the thing was actually an electromagnetic wave in our bodies, that we were constantly hearing. So that’s what we found in the first part of our conversation with David, and that’s what led me and David to believe that maybe this might be why that so-called white box was just an optical illusion, that there was something else causing what was happening and it was not just the white box. The white box had something like this to it, so we were actually working it with David, saying, “Maybe the white box is not so much a white box as it is an optical illusion.”

And we started calling it “white box syndrome,” it’s a little more of a term, “what if this is actually an electromagnetic wave that I’m hearing when I’m listening to you?” I called it the white box syndrome in the room, and we called it white box syndrome because it더킹카지노 was so compelling and obvious.

Benji: Wow, that is fascinating, because a lot of UFO researchers

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