Gambler sues casino for 20m-plus jackpot

A former casino operator has won a large sum of 우리카지노money after claiming she was treated like a ‘child’ by other players.

Marquee jackpot games at the Revel casino in Las Vegas created millions for the ‘bungled young woman’ from South Africa, according to court documents.

Ms Buitelaar, who lives in Georgia and was once a contestant on a reality TV show called A Game of Spades, said she was regularly treated with suspicion by a group of ‘pig-like’ gamblers.

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Victims: Gambler Marlon James, 52, and wife of gi우리카지노rlfriend Carla James, 60, at the Revel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they were robbed and had their $200million jackpot ripped off earlier this year. According to documents they claimed they ‘were never a priority’ when players pulled jackpots of 20million for them – even though they had been guaranteed $25million

On the run: Marlon James and his wife Carla James walked into a casino on Friday night, where they claim they were robbed by three people

Bizarre: A report from a casino employee who heard gunshots outside and saw the couple running back into the room said they had apparently seen the players in the casino’s casino room

The casino’s video cameras captured the two arguing and then one of the ‘jackpot players’ ran in from a balcony overlooking a room next door to get the first prize.

The suspect ‘pulled on my hair and slapped my mouth and my face’ when the casino employee attempted to take off Mr James’s clothing, according to an exclusive court document obtained by MailOnline.

A hotel worker who witnessed the pair arguing told the judge that her boss had ordered her to move her chair away from the room because he felt he should not have to watch a case of such a high cost in the early morning hours.

As police continued to question the pair, James and his wife went to a room above and opposite the poker room.

In another disturbing scene the lawyer in charge of the pair’s legal fund said that he did not believe the pair were 우리카지노‘a priority’ to the casino staff or to the customer service team who had been trained for them.

He also revealed that he did not see the couple walk across the casino floor towards a bathroom as they had in their video clips of their interactions.

The couple also claimed that they receive

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