Australian anthem reworded indigenous state of origin prot바카라사이트est to ‘we’re on the same side’


The Australian Federal Police has reworked a version of an indigenous state of origin protest that drew national attention.

The original Indigenous Australians’ Union (IUA) protest, which saw former police commissioner Rod Sims and many other high-profile figures calling for the removal of the logo of the Commonwjarvees.comealth on federal buildings, was put back by the ACT Government.

The re-write of the original protest, which has been described as offensive to many Indigenous Australians, has included rewriting the words to “we are all Australian” to “we’re all Australians”, along with changing a couple of lines.

The new version, which has been published online, states the words “we’re all Australian” as “we are all Australians”.

“That does not match the original and does not reflect the state of the song or the original meaning of the song.

“The original message of the song and the intention is to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, with the lyrics ‘we are all Australians’,” Chief Minister Andrew Barr said.

He said many Indigenous leaders had supported the original protest when it was launched last year.

“A couple of the members of the Indigenous Nation Council who joined the IUA are not happy with the re-write to this protest as the original protest that was sent out to the nation.

“We’re not pleased that the national anthem is not changed or that they’re changing their message in any way.”

Acting assistant commissioner of police Darren Coady said some of the lyrics and the original protest’s words had been taken and some words had been changed, but all the songs and references remained unchanged.

ACT Police Commissioner David Gallacher said there had been considerable support for the original protest.

“We believe in free speech, we believe in freedom of speech. I think there is more support for the original song than there is opposition,” he said.

“And the majority of the people who were at the protest actually attended the protest.”

A spokeswoman for the Coalition for Australian Sign Language said they supported the original protest, although they did not want to play a political game.

“I feel I must speak to it now, with the help of Mr Gallacher, for an understanding of 우리카지노how the protest was received by some groups,” she said.

“I think the vast majority of the public supported the original protest, and if we had changed th

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