Firms charged after worker loses legs in pilbara blast

LAFAYETTE, La. — A man was killed and a woman critically injured when a pilbara blade struck them Sunday morning at the North Central Freight Co. near Chautauqua.

John Bunch said he works for the freight company but moved to South Central Freight Co. in 2012, after working in South Austin for a private trucking company.

He said he went to meet some other members of the company’s crew who needed help with a delivery Tuesday morning but was on the job the next day when a crew member found him with a blade in his hand and bleeding.

He said a truck driver got hijarvees.comm out of the cab of his truck but couldn’t stop the attack. The driver and the truck driver got into a fight and drove on with the man on the ground who could be heard screaming, Mr. Bunch said.

“The guy was getting out of his truck with the blade in his hand,” Mr. Bunch said. “A crew member grabbed the blade and it started to bleed.”

He said the truck driver tried to get away but it struck 바카라a pole in the road where he and Mr. Bunch work. The crew member said he was wearing a helmet and wearing some kind of protective equipment to prevent injury in the attack.

“He was doing his job, putting on the protective equipment with the face shield,” Mr. Bunch said. “You can see the blades were very sharp and the crew member in the truck had some sort of head protection on, so to say.”

His co-worker then pulled out a gun from her purse and shot the blade off of the edge of the cargo bay and into the air, Mr. Bunch said.

The man was taken to the University of South Florida trauma hospital where he later died.

Another crew member got out the truck and told Mr. Bunch to lay on the ground with his hands at his sides, Mr. Bunch said. He then turned around and tried to go through a side door, but it was blocked by steel pipe.

The driver of the truck stopped and tried to stop the truck but that only created more chaos for Mr. Bunch, who was still trying to get out the door.

“A guy pulled him out of the door, kicked his face in the door and hit him in the stomach. He got away, but his head wa바카라s bleeding,” Mr. Bunch said.


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