Firms charged after worker loses legs in pilbara mine

By Lillian Smith, MailOnline

MUMBAI: Indian and foreign employers of workers contracted for the P더킹카지노ilbara Goldmine have been found guilty by the Bombay High Court of serious violations of the Industrial Disputes Act and have to pay fines of Rs.200,000 to the workers and Rs.1.5 million to the employer in damages.”These companies are not responsible for any injuries or loss that will result from their actions,” the바카라사이트 Bombay High Court said at a hearing today.The court also ordered the workers to pay compensation and seek redressal as the company failed to perform the prescribed standards.According to the court, between May and September 2009, more than 40 workers at the Goldmine, a project by the India National Petroleum Corp (Nepco), were sent to the mine where they lost their right of movement and, through prolonged labour, their health. At the same time, six foreign companies who worked on the project contracted a company for the mine, which has since collapsed.The court, however, found that Nepco had “negligently breached” the Industrial Disputes Act.In particular, the court heard from the 우리카지노workers whose feet had been injured, who were left with debilitating illnesses such as chronic pain and fatigue. It is understood that workers have been demanding redress.On August 7, 2010, the workers were forced to leave the Goldmine when the project was taken off the ground. On August 11, the court issued the notice of the employer, Nupco, against five companies, two of whom were foreign. The court’s orders came two days later on September 7, 2010.Among the foreign companies, the court had found that of the five, Nupco’s contract was terminated with five months to go and another two were paid $150 per day for the same period.On October 26, the court also issued the notice to an employer of foreign workers at the Goldmine who had contracted the Nupco project, saying they had violated the Industrial Disputes Act by not following the standard contract that was approved by both the companies and their employees.

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